About Us

BKK Forex Pte Ltd is one of the pioneering and major key player in remittance service providers in Singapore. Established in 1991 with over 30 years of experience in the industry, BKK Forex today have grown to 8 strategically located physical storefronts across the island and counting.

BKK Forex is rapidly expanding its market presence across South East Asia with new exciting partnerships as well as tie-ups with international giants like Western Union, Money gram, RIA and CIMB.

BKK Forex is undergoing digital transformation to meet the challenges of the swiftly changing landscape of the industry. BKK Forex has successfully launched her mobile application ezSEND to revolutionise the traditional remittance business and capture additional market share accustomed to fintech services, providing consumers with another strong alternative in the market segment.

Today, BKK Forex had grown to 14 strategically located outlets across the island and expanded our network. We now have affiliates in various countries including Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Bangladesh and many more.