Why choose BKK Forex



BKK uses leading edge technology to protect your transactions and data.


BKK offers simple and easy remittance services via our mobile APP ezSEND and in stores


Transactions can be completed in minutes!

Extensive Network

Remit money to over 100 countries globally*



At BKK Forex, We offer you quick and secure means of sending payments to your family, friends or merchants across the globe.

A transaction can be completed within 10 quick minutes.

Anytime shall you need to make any urgent remittance, simply send a transaction via ezSEND APP or come to us at BKK Forex  We can make it happen. Above all, our charges are really competitive and cost-efficient *T&C applies

ezSend Mobile App

In addition, we understand how convenient people find it to make payments using their mobile devices. BKK now has our very own mobile APP ezSEND. This APP allows our customers to send money and make payment 24/7 in simple and hassle-free manner.

Currency Exchange

Furthermore, we are well aware of the fact that people are always shopping for the best exchange rates and lowest charges when exchanging currencies. BKK Forex offers you excellent exchange rates with no hidden costs. We DO NOT charge any service fees for every transaction.

What you see is what you get.

With us, you can be rest assured that you are getting awesome currency exchange rates with great services!

It is convenient and easy to use. Available to all our outlets across the whole island, provides secure, fast, convenient, affordable and reliable global remittance service to over 200 countries worldwide.

Key Benefits

Flexibility to credit bank accounts / Urgent Cash Pick Up or Home Delivery

Have your funds received either by crediting it directly to any bank account worldwide, cash pickup or at the comfort of your home.

We specialize in Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, China, Myanmar. Philippines, India, Bangladesh and many more, via our outlets or by using our premier concierge service.

Funds delivered swiftly and safely

Relax in the knowledge that your transactions with us are secure. Our systems conform to the highest internet banking standards and regulations and we only use licensed banking partners in our distribution countries. We can deliver funds as quickly as the next working day. We are fully licensed and regulated in the countries we have presence in.

Excellent rates

We are constantly reviewing our exchange rates to offer you the very best deal. Compare us with the competition and see how much you could save.

How does our fees compare with Bank telegraphic transfer?

Unlike most banks which charge both service fee and percentage basing on the sending amount. We charge a flat fee regardless of your transaction amount.

Furthermore, if you send your money via the bank, you will usually be charged an additional fee/ deduction by the receiving bank when they credit the funds to your account. There are NO in-country deductions or any other hidden costs.

Urgent need for remittance today?

Our express service will only require 10 mins (during operating hours)*T&C applies.

How to Remit


1. Fill Up Form

Transacting with us for the first time? Please fil up the applicaton form.

Please note that all details must be in English except for China (CNY) remitance.

Not sure on how to fill up the form? Click here to view a sample.

2. Identification Documents

Singapore Citizens & PRs:

  • NRIC

Foreigners living in Singapore:

  • Applicable passes for work or study in Singapore
  • Proof of residence

Other foreigners:

  • Passport
  • Identification Card
  • Proof of residence

3. Supporting Documents

For remittance over SGD 20,000:

Provide bank or transfer statements, cheques or cashier’s order showing source of funds.

For remittance over SGD 50,000:

Provide proof of income (e.g. income tax statement) or documents showing source of funds (e.g. sales of property or shares).

4. Visit our branch

Visit any of our branches with:

  1. Completed Remittance Form
  2. Identification documents
  3. Supporting documents (If remitting over SGD 20,000)
  4. Payment

We accept:

  • Cash
  • ATM/Internet Banking Transfer to DBS Current Account 003-914187-4
  • Cheque or cashier’s order made payable to BKK Forex Pte Ltd.